The communities of Whitewood, Stockholm, Rocanville, Saskatoon, Weyburn and Sedley Whitewood and their surrounding areas recently received heavy rainfall in a short period of time, temporarily exceeding the design limits of their wastewater systems.

As the result, these communities needed to bypass untreated sewage from some or all portions of their sewage collection and treatment systems to protect their systems from failure; to protect property, and/or to reduce public health risks.

All bypasses are required by the municipalities to be reported to the provincial spill centre and WSA is working with these communities to monitor and ensure appropriate actions are taken during and after bypass events to reduce public health risks including notifying downstream users.

The public should avoid waterways that may be affected in these communities where the untreated sewage are being bypassed. The public should also contact their local municipal offices to obtain the latest formation about sewage bypasses in their communities.

At this point, no drinking water advisories have been issued, however WSA will continue to monitor these events and issue advisories in cases where the safety of the drinking water may be impacted.

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