Alberts, Darrell & Donalee

ALBERTS – Darrell Mark Alberts was born on Oct. 31, 1962 at St. Peter’s Hospital in Melville, Sask. He was the second oldest of four children born to Mavis (Aichele) and Reuben Alberts.
Donalee Charlotte Alberts (Smith) was born on July 17, 1963 at St. Theresa Hospital in Tisdale, Sask. She was the older of two children born to Marilyn (Wagner) and Frederick Smith.
Darrell and Donalee were raised in loving homes and blessed with happy childhoods.
Darrell grew up in the fresh air and open spaces of the Alberts family farm north of Melville, an environment that shaped his personal and work life, and where he later raised his own children with Donalee. He attended St. Henry’s School in Melville from Grades 1 to 9 and high school at Melville Comprehensive School, graduating in 1980.
From an early age, Darrell demonstrated a natural curiosity about how things worked and an aptitude for building, designing and repairing all manner of machinery and gadgets. If something was broken, Darrell would find a way, not only to fix it, but to improve it. As a boy, he spent his free time building model airplanes and ships, completing detailed miniatures of the Titanic, the Bismarck and numerous Second World War fighter and bomber planes. He showed similar skill as a member of the Willowbrook 4-H Woodworking Club.
As a teenager and a young man, Darrell became an avid motorcyclist and loved to ride both street and dirt bikes. Darrell enjoyed snowmobiling in the winter, summer boating and fishing trips to Tobin Lake in the summer, and deer hunting in the fall.
He had a special skill at restoration and customization. Over the years, he restored numerous vehicles including vintage motorcycles, classic muscle cars, working farm trucks and antique tractors.
Farming was Darrell’s true calling. After graduating high school, he attended the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan and earned his diploma from the School of Agriculture in 1984. He shared a passion for farm life with his dad, and together they worked in partnership for nearly three decades running a grain, oilseed and cattle operation.
Darrell had a natural talent for farming, honed through years of hard work, and he took
enormous pride in his crops, the maintenance of his equipment and the care of his yard and home. He put as much thought and effort into building a sturdy stack of hay bales as he did seeding and harvesting his wheat, barley and canola.
It brought Darrell great joy that his children — Bethany, Matthew and Kenton — developed that same love of the farm
and happiness that a fourth generation has become stewards of the original Alberts homestead.
Donalee was raised during her earliest years on a farm near Eldersley, Sask. before moving to Tisdale in 1967 and Prince Albert in 1972.
As a child, Donalee was a very happy little girl who was full of smiles and made friends easily wherever she went. She spent hours playing school, house and dress-up. She would often try to teach or help her brother, Darren, with his homework. While Donalee’s father claimed she was the best teacher, Darren was not always an eager student.
Donalee was active in figure skating, gymnastics, Brownies and Girl Guides. She enjoyed camping with the Guides and spending time in the outdoors with her parents and her brother. She participated in swimming for several years, eventually training as a lifeguard. Donalee spent summer vacations with her family at their cabin at Candle Lake, and she loved waterskiing with Darren.
Donalee excelled at school and graduated from Prince Albert Composite High School in 1981. After high school, she earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan.
Like Darrell, Donalee valued hard work and held jobs planting trees in northern Saskatchewan and at Valley View Centre in Moose Jaw before beginning her nursing career.
Darrell and Donalee met at a Halloween dance at the University of Saskatchewan in the fall of 1983. Their relationship soon blossomed. Darrell made multiple trips with his Toyota Supra to visit Donalee in Saskatoon and Prince Albert, and Donalee traveled often in her Ford Maverick to see Darrell on the farm.
Darrell and Donalee were married Nov. 14, 1987 in Prince Albert. They were blessed with three children, Bethany Louisa Pauline (1990), Matthew Reuben (1992), and Kenton Jacob (1995). They chose their children’s middle names with a purpose that showed their commitment to family — each one is that of a grandparent or great-grandparent. Darrell and Donalee briefly lived in Melville before moving permanently to the Alberts family farm in 1994.
Donalee joined the nursing family at St. Peter’s Hospital in December of 1987. She quickly gained the respect of not only her co-workers, but the physicians as well. Her fellow nurses often referred to her as Dr. Donalee because of her expertise in assessment and diagnosis. Everyone agreed she could never be a physician as her handwriting was much too neat. In 1998, Donalee embarked on a new career adventure and joined the Melville Home Care team. Her patients and their families benefited from her nursing expertise, her advocacy for their needs and her warmth and
Throughout their marriage, Darrell and Donalee worked arm-in-arm to make their farm a success. Donalee was an integral part of the farm business, often driving grain trucks during harvest in addition to preparing and delivering meals for Darrell and the kids in the field. She impressed everyone, including her own father, with her ability to quickly learn how to run the farm equipment. During harvests, Donalee and Darrell would ride together for hours on the swather and in the combine.
Darrell and Donalee raised their children in a loving home, shared memories and taught them many life lessons, always keeping the kids’ best interests at heart and supporting their own goals and dreams.
Donalee passed away in the late evening of Wednesday, Aug.19, 2015 at the age of 52 years with Darrell at her side. Darrell passed away just after midnight on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015, also at the age of 52 years. While they may no longer be here with us, their love for each other and those around them will forever survive and be remembered.
Darrell and Donalee were predeceased by Darrell’s father, Reuben Alberts, and Donalee’s brother, Darren Smith.
They will be dearly missed by their three children, Bethany, Matthew and Kenton; Darrell’s mother, Mavis Alberts; Donalee’s parents, Frederick and Marilyn Smith; Darrell’s siblings, Joanne (Rick) Sebastian, Barb (Keith) Hauser, and Sheldon (Tracey) Alberts; Donalee’s sister-in-law, Brenda Smith (Danny Paquette); nieces and nephews, Bryce and Kendra Sebastian, Samuel and Ryan Alberts, and Wesley Smith and Brendan Paquette; and by many aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.
The funeral service for Donalee and Darrell was held Friday, Aug. 28, 2015 at Matthews Funeral Home, Melville with the Rev. Kim Sherwin officiating. The organist, Gaylene Matthews, led in the hymns, “When Peace Like a River”, “We Cannot Think of Them as Dead” and “God Be With You Till We Meet Again.” Bethany Alberts shared
family memories of her parents, and Matthew and Kenton Alberts acted as the urn bearers.
Arrangements were entrusted to Matthews Funeral Home, Melville.

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