From Dec. 1to 7, 2019, Saskatchewan RCMP conducted several targeted enforcement initiatives across the province to support National Safe Driving Week in reducing instances of distracted and impaired driving.

Our officers checked 10,441 vehicles and laid a total of 2,137 road safety charges including 1291 charges for speeding, 60 charges for cellphone use, 83 charges for seatbelt misuse and 44 charges for careless driving (Drive Without Due Care and Attention, Follow Too Close, Change Lanes When Unsafe).

We’ve decided to share a few of the stories our officers encountered and hope these steer Saskatchewan motorists away from unsafe driving behaviours.

· No need for speed: On Dec. 1, a driver was stopped for driving 183 km/h in a 100 km/h zone on Highway 7 near Kindersley. A whopping $1,168.00 fine was issued.

· Slippery slope: On Dec. 3, a driver was travelling 54 km/h in a 30 km/h school zone in Prince Albert. The driver did not have a valid license and the vehicle registration was expired. In addition, the windshield had numerous cracks. An infant was sitting in a booster seat that was not fully secured to the vehicle and the belt straps were not tightened. The driver received $1346.00 in total fines ($175.00 fine for infant seat, $115.00 for cracked windshield, $326.00 for speed school zone, $580.00 fine for invalid vehicle registration, $150.00 fine for invalid driver’s license). 

· Couldn’t keep a tab on the road: On Dec. 5, an officer on patrol observed a vehicle drift out of lane in an inattentive manner while driving along Highway 1 near Balgonie. As the officer pulled up beside the moving vehicle, the officer saw the driver holding a tablet on the steering wheel. During the traffic stop, the driver told the officer he was trying to log into a tablet for a conference call. As a result, this driver was issued a $280.00 fine.

Motorists across the province may have seen an increased police presence during National Safe Driving Week, but it is not to be expected that our officers will disappear even though the campaign is over.

Unsafe driving, including impaired driving of any kind, is still an ongoing issue on our roadways. During National Safe Driving Week, 39 drivers were charged with impaired operation in RCMP jurisdiction.

The RCMP remains committed to preventing unsafe and impaired driving and invites you to do the same this holiday season (and all year long). Remember to:

·        Make the choice to drive sober

·        Plan a safe ride home

·        Spend the night at a friend’s house

·        Report suspected impaired drivers to police

The RCMP urge everyone to drive safe and sober this holiday season.