On May 10, 2019 the Indian Head RCMP, Indian Head Volunteer Fire Department and Indian Head EMS will be responding to the Indian Head High School located at 811 Crawford Street for a lockdown drill. The drill will run from approximately 9:00 am until 11:00 am. It is important to note that the upcoming drill is just a practice and there is no imminent danger to staff or students at the school. This exercise will help Indian Head High School and the Prairie Valley School Division practice and test their emergency policies. This mock exercise also gives emergency services the opportunity to practice their own protocols.

This drill will be more extensive and involved than the drills that have been practiced at the school in the past.

We are asking the public to keep the roads around the building clear to ensure emergency vehicles can access the area. If you are driving in this area and are approached by the police, EMS or Fire Department, we ask that you respect the directions you are given.

As difficult as it is, we are asking parents to not contact the school or their children directly. A ringing cell phone could give away the secure location the kids are in.  A high volume of calls could also tie up the cell phone signals, preventing first responders from being able to communicate. We are also asking parents not to attend the school as they will be in the way of emergency services. This is ONLY going to be a drill and there will be no emergency..