Angelina Pearson (left) and Lisa Blenkin (right) at last year's run. They did it together in Indian Head since the event was virtual in 2021.

Each person has their own reason for participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure but their goal is the same: to provide better treatments and a cure for cancer. 

Angelina Pearson’s source of motivation is her three daughters. 

“I’m constantly thinking about their future and I’ve known numerous people who have had breast cancer; some beat it, some don’t,” Pearson explained. “It’s just not a world I want my daughters to have to live in.”

She participated in the 2017 run and last year her friend Lisa Blenkin, who is herself a cancer survivor, joined Pearson for the organization’s virtual run. This year, ten adults and youth from Indian Head plan to go with them to the 5km Run for the Cure in Regina on Oct. 2. 

“We’re going to walk as a group; we’re going to have a great time and it’s going to be a lot of fun!” Pearson said.

The annual CIBC Run for the Cure is organized by staff and volunteers from the Canadian Cancer Society. Events are hosted in 56 communities across Canada. Funds raised through the campaign go towards breast cancer research, support services, and other related initiatives. 

The Indian Head group is calling themselves Angels of Hope, a name inspired by the local softball league, the Indian Head Angels. 

“I have my daughter’s baseball card on my desk, it said ‘Angels’ on it,” she said. “I thought how perfect is that because there is a huge group of females in that league and we don’t want to have them go through this.” 

Pearson noted that her employer, Custom Agricultural Intelligence, has been particularly supportive of fundraising efforts for this and previous runs that she has joined. Many individuals have also contributed so the group has already met its initial goal of $2,500 and is now striving to reach $5,000. 

Anyone interested in donating to the Angels of Hope can do so through the CIBC Run for the Cure website, either by searching for the team name or a member’s name. Individuals are still welcome to join the group for the run on Oct. 2 and can connect with the team through the same website. 

“The more people who join and donate, the more awareness and money we raise,” Pearson stated. “We want everyone to participate because it’s a really important cause.” 

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