Kipling will once again welcome both local residents and visitors to celebrate all that the community has to offer at Trade Day.
Darcie Khounnoraj (Cornerstone Credit Union) is helping to organize the event. She says that Cornerstone Credit Union is pleased to be able to help to bring Trade Day back to Kipling.
“The last Trade Day was in 2019. So, it’s been a while since we filled the Main Street business block with vendors, food trucks and entertainment,” said Khounnoraj. “Cornerstone Credit Union is coordinating the daylong event and is funding a bouncy structure and some family fun (including a special guest whose identity I’m not at liberty to reveal just yet!). Cornerstone CU has also given a group of its employees the opportunity to organize the event while at work!”
Khounnoraj notes that there have also been several volunteers from the community working with Cornerstone CU employees to help organize the event.
“We’ve had some incredible volunteers from the community (such as Dawn Manns – who has so much experience helping to plan the Holiday Fair) who stepped up to help. These folks have been invaluable in helping to plan the event – connect with people – and make arrangements with local businesses,” said Khounnoraj.
She adds that the list of vendors planning to attend Trade Day is still growing.
“We’ve got vendors planning to come from all over Saskatchewan and Manitoba – which means that we’ll have both some very familiar faces as well as some new people taking part in Trade Day. Bookings are still rolling in. So, we aren’t certain exactly how many vendors we’ll have this year. But we do know that the vendors taking part will include home-based businesses (including artisans) – food enthusiasts – hand-made products and much more. Many of our local businesses are also excited to take part with their own sales and maybe even their own displays along the sidewalk,” she said.
Khounnoraj says that organizers hope that this year’s Trade Day will help the community to retrieve something that had been lost during the pandemic.
“The volunteers and the people that have helped to plan this event want the business section of Main Street to come to life the way it has during past Trade Days. We want our vendors (both local and from abroad) to experience Kipling’s amazing and welcoming community. And we want our visitors to shop at our local businesses – taste some delicious food – support our vendors and learn something new from our product-based businesses. This seemed like a great event to give back to the community. Many community events were impacted due to COVID. We felt that it was time to get the ball rolling and get our community back together again,” said Khounnoraj.
Kipling Trade Day will take place on Saturday September 10th from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

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