An illustration of "Flocking" that could happen anywhere in Kipling.

Kipling resident Duane Leicht reported that a flock of rather large pink flamingos unexpectedly appeared on his lawn last weekend.
He noted that the arrival of the flock (which coincided with his birthday) had occurred without warning.
“I was a bit surprised that our two Chihuahuas didn’t react more strongly. They’re normally quite aggressive. I’ve seen them chase a German Shepherd down the street! But they didn’t make much fuss at all about the flamingos!!”
This “flocking” marks the beginning of a unique fundraiser.
As Town of Kipling CAO Gail Dakue explains, “This is a new fundraiser for the Kipling Swimming Pool.
“Residents can pay to have a flock of pink flamingos put on somebody’s lawn – to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just for fun!
“The flock remains on the lawn for 48 hours, and then is removed by our ‘team’ at no charge.
“It is $50 to arrange a Residential Flocking.
“Residents can also prevent the flock from settling on their lawn for $50.
“There is a Discovery Fee of $20 to find out who it is that flocked you.
Anybody who wishes to arrange a ‘flocking’, find out who ‘flocked’ them, or purchase some ‘anti–flocking’ insurance can contact Kipling Leisure Services from Monday to Friday (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at 306-736-8440.”
Although the migration habits of these particular “feathered friends” is not completely clear, Dakue says that the flocking could well continue until late in the summer, to help cover necessary costs at the Kipling Swimming Pool.
“The finds raised by this will go towards general maintenance expenses at the pool.
“So, I believe that the flamingos may be around until late August” she said.
Although he admitted that the flocking was unexpected, Leicht said that he was quite happy to be part of some “good, clean fun”.
“I think that this is a very interesting way to raise some money for the swimming pool. It would be a great thing if this caught on!”
Leicht added that the weekend flocking would not go unanswered.
“I will have my revenge!” he chuckled.

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