When Mayor Steven Cole talks about Indian Head, he is quick to express appreciation for the people that oversee operations and those who contribute to the positive atmosphere of the town.
“I want to say how proud I am working with the council that we have now,” Mayor Cole told Grasslands News. “It’s a big commitment and I would like to thank every one of them for doing such a great job on the projects that have happened last year.”
He also acknowledged the vital role of the town staff that keeps “our community running smoothly.”
From infrastructure improvements to developing recreation amenities, town officials are busy with projects that will benefit residents.
Last year, waterworks projects included well maintenance and installation of new motors at the lift station to create smoother flow and meet demand. The town also proactively purchased check valves and other parts so future repairs will not be delayed by shipping.
The town and golf course started working on a plan to use water from the lagoon holding cells for irrigation at the course. These efforts will continue in the upcoming months. “They’re needing more water to keep the golf course looking great,” explained the mayor. “It’s going to be a win-win situation for both them and us because they’ll get more water and it will help us dump our holding cells out when they’re getting full.”
Roadwork was also started in the northeast area of town. The plan involved replacing water mains and sewers, rebuilding roads and repaving Robison and Pitt Streets. The project encountered some unexpected delays but should be completed in the spring. The mayor appreciates the patience and understanding of residents impacted by these delays. Similar projects elsewhere in town that were initially planned for 2022 will not be started until last year’s work has been completed.
Funding was acquired in 2021 for three other major projects scheduled to start this year. Local and national support resulted in a successful fundraising campaign for developing the Cst. Shelby Patton Memorial Park. The Sunbeam Creek Walking Trail will be paved this year for $585,000 and the swimming pool will be replaced for $1.7 million. Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) grants will cover nearly 75 per cent of the cost for these two upgrades.
As the town moves forward with developments this year, the mayor acknowledges that everyone continues to face challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic and he is grateful for community members.
“I’d like to send out a very special ‘thank you’ to our frontline workers and their families: thank you for being there for us during these troubled times,” Mayor Cole said. “And last but not least, a thank you to residents; all the volunteers that the community has is outstanding! Every one of you has made this town what it is today and I couldn’t think of a better place to live!”

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