There have been incidents of vandalism on SaskTel infrastructure that resulted in outages of SaskTel home phone service, internet and television services in Moose Jaw and Saskatoon.

  1. 400 Block – 25th Street E., Saskatoon SK – From Oct 13th at 04:49 to Oct 13th at 09:25 (4 hours), approximately 152 customers were without SaskTel internet and television services. 

A power metre was removed from a SaskTel cabinet which exposed live connectors creating an extremely dangerous situation.  If someone would have come into contact with the exposed power connectors a severe electrical shock would have occurred.  The company said they wish to emphasize to the public that please do not touch any exposed part of a cabinet and to report it to SaskTel.

  1. 800 Block – 4th Avenue N., Saskatoon, SK – From Oct 7th at 04:47 to Oct 8th at 17:00 (12 hours), approximately 20 customers were without SaskTel home phone service, internet and television services. The fibre cables in a SaskTel cabinet were moved around to disconnect customers’ services.
  1. 500 Block Hochelaga St W – Moose Jaw, SK – From Oct 6th at 23:45 to Oct 7th at 18:00 (18 hours), approximately 130 customers were without SaskTel home phone service, internet and television services. A SaskTel cabinet in Moose Jaw was vandalized and cables were moved around and cut within the cabinet.

SaskTel said they are concerned these outages may have impacted their customers’ ability to communicate in the event of an emergency situation. They are requesting the public’s assistance in reporting any information they may have on these specific acts of vandalism or any suspicious activity that they witness on SaskTel property, equipment, or infrastructure to their local police.

SaskTel is also concerned with Unifor’s messaging to its members to flood the SaskTel Contact Centres with fictious calls causing delays in legitimate customer calls for service being answered.  Legitimate customer calls may be to report service issues.