Here in Kennedy, our west is about to get a little bit wilder with the return of the Moose Mountain Pro Rodeo (MMPR) Ladies Night this spring.
Greysin Asplund (owner Dusty Boots Designs) joined the Rodeo Committee last summer and says that after hearing about the Ladies Night Fundraisers that had been held in the past, she decided to take on the task of bringing the event back for 2024.
“The Rodeo Committee has put on quite a few Ladies Night fundraisers in the past and I was told that they were very popular. But COVID really put a damper on that kind of thing, and I know that there hasn’t been a Ladies Night for the past couple of years either, because nobody was ready to take on planning one.
“So, when one of the committee members that was at our meeting a couple of weeks ago commented on how nice it would be to have a Ladies Night again, I decided to try and plan one. I’d never done this kind of thing before. But I figured that I might as well kick the door wide open and jump face first into it, and I had the basic plan set up in four days!”
Asplund says that Ladies Night will be an excellent opportunity for a group of friends to get together and enjoy the evening.
“We’re expecting to have 130 ladies join us for the evening. Tickets for Ladies Night will be sold by the table, with eight chairs at each table. So, ladies can get seven of their girls together and come out to Kennedy to have a great time.”
She goes on to explain that the +19 event will feature a supper served to the ladies at their table by their own personal cowboy/waiter.
“This is a licensed supper event for ladies 19 and over. It hasn’t yet been decided who will be doing the cooking for us that evening. But supper will be something that fits in with our western theme.
“We’ll be auctioning off some very fine young cowboys that evening, who will be acting as waiters for their table of ladies. One of them is my friend Cory Coverchuk (a 7-time PBR Canadian Nationals Qualifier) who owed me a favor. He wasn’t too sure what to say when I asked him what his thoughts were on letting me sell him. But when he found out that he was going to be helping with a MMPR fundraiser, he was all for it.”
Asplund adds that a number of businesses have already stepped up to donate items for the other activities that will take place during the event and hopes that others will choose to sponsor the event as well.
“Every lady at the event will receive an individual ticket that she will write her name on, and that will be her entry for the Door Prize. There will also be a table of items which will be the prizes given out for the various activities we’ll be doing. And there will be a table of raffle items too. So, ladies can buy tickets and put them into the bags that correspond to whichever item they’d like to win, and we’ll be drawing for those prizes throughout the evening.
“So far, I have about 30 businesses donating all kinds of things for this, and we’d welcome more sponsors to come on board. The more – the merrier!”
To round out the evening, Asplund says that the ladies will be able to take to the dance floor.
“We have a DJ on the Rodeo Committee who offered to donate his time and equipment to act as DJ for Ladies Night. So, after supper is over and the activities are done, the ladies can get their dance on and have a good time.”
Asplund adds that one of the best things about Ladies Night will be that it will provide those attending with a great way to support their community as well.
“Kennedy is a quiet-looking small town that is way too easy to pass by on the highway. But we have a first-rate pro rodeo, that brings together people who live in this community with others who don’t, for a show that kids and their grandparents can enjoy. And everyone who comes out to our Ladies Night can have fun knowing that they are helping to make that happen.”
The MMPR ‘Save a horse – ride a cowboy’ Ladies Night will take place on April 13th beginning at 5 PM in the Kennedy Community Hall. Those attending must be 19 or older. Tickets for a table of eight are $280 ($35/person) and can be purchased by messaging Greysin at 306-730-6863.

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