Backyard BBQ event also approved for this summer

regular monthly meeting on Monday, February 12th.
In her report CAO Gail Dakue noted that the person responsible for damage done to the flagpole in front of the Town Office /Community Center had been identified. An offer has been made to pay restitution, which Council agreed to accept restitution of one half of the replacement cost of the flagpole.
During further discussion on the matter, it was decided that the replacement flagpole would be one designed to allow the flag to be raised and lowered more easily, as this would allow staff to readily replace flags when they become too worn or needed to be half-mast.
Council also decided that a second flagpole will be added so that both the Canadian and Saskatchewan flags may be flown. These flagpoles will be located on a portion of the property where damage from vehicles is less likely.
During discussion of the Leisure Services Report, Council decided that the Rental Agreement for the Arena should be revised to include a Damage Deposit.
Council then heard from Mathew Bonville with Phantom Smoke and Meats, who was seeking Council’s support for a Backyard BBQ Competition that is planned for June. It was noted that this would be a two-day competition and that three teams that were interested in taking part in the event had already contacted organizers.
Councilor Don Johnson pointed out that this private event would be subject to all of the community’s bylaws including those pertaining to noise and interfering with other residents’ ability to enjoy their property. Bonville responded by assuring Council that all bylaws would be respected.
After hearing the presentation from this delegation, Council decided that it would offer general support for the endeavor.
Council then discussed the Minutes of the January 31st Planning & Development Committee Meeting. Discussion turned to areas in and around the community where commercial lots could developed as there are only two left.
There was also some discussion of the washroom facilities expansion project at the Ball Diamonds. The project will more than double the washroom availability at the diamonds. Leisure Services is currently garnering quotes on the expansion.
Mayor Jackson pointed out that installing an additional septic tank to accommodate this expansion would be a good interim measure, and that new sewer and water lines could be considered at a point when a new arena was in the planning stage.
There was some discussion of possible sites for a new Splash Park for the community. One suggestion was that a Splash Park be located adjacent to the pool. However, it was noted that parking in that area is already congested and would have to be dealt with should the Splash Park be located there. There was a suggestion that fencing be used to ensure that toddlers who were playing in the Splash Park could not wander too close to the pool area.
Mayor Jackson observed that in communities like Lumsden and Kilarney, Splash Pools had been located in a treed area, which provided some shade for youngsters that were enjoying the park.
That led to some discussion that a Splash Park could be located in or near Bell Park. However, it was noted that care would need to be taken to ensure that the Summer Park Program was not left with insufficient space and that the school would have to be consulted as well.
It was decided that a committee of Council will be formed to look into this possible development further.
Council then discussed the possibility of a ‘Lunch and Learn’ event for local businesses that would feature a one-hour presentation on a topic such as the programs currently available for businesses or the power of collaboration with Christina Birch from Christina Birch Consulting.
It was decided that such an event would be planned, but that a minimum of ten businesses that wished to participate would be required in order for the event to go ahead.
Councilor Johnson then provided Council with a report from the latest Southeast Transportation Planning Committee (SETPC) meeting. He noted that the Highways Minister had attended the meeting along with other officials and that questions which had been submitted prior to the meeting were addressed.
He also observed that various roadways are rated as Level 1, 2 or 3 according to the amount of traffic generally on the particular roadway. He further noted that these designations were used to determine the priority that snow and ice removal on a particular roadway was given.
Similarly, Johnson pointed out that the nomination process for roadways listed for development is being changed in order to make the process more responsive. This means that having a particular roadway added to the list is more important than its position on that list…as development will be determined by the actual changes that are seen in traffic flow.
Minutes of the Annual Airport Meeting were then discussed. It was noted that a request had again been made that a ladder be purchased which could allow pilots to monitor the buildup of ice on the wings of aircraft. This request was made through Air Ambulance.
It had also been suggested that companies operating Spray Planes which use the airport be subject to a 0.25/acre charge (based on the number of acres that the company sprays in a season) and that this money be used for airport maintenance and upgrades.
Although the possibility of such a charge has met with some resistance in the past – it was noted that the money collected would go a long way towards funding both general airport upkeep and upgrades, and that the companies operating these planes would benefit from that.
Motions were made to go ahead and purchase the ladder that had been requested and proceed with putting the 0.25/acre charge in place.
New Business included a Funding Request from the Kipling Vet Board for $1000 which was approved. Several Revenue and Expense Statements (for the Handy Van, Community Center, Kipling Public Library and the EMO Budget) were discussed and accepted.
It was noted that the Budget for the Fire Department was still being done and would most certainly include a significant increase in Training Expenses.
Council then discussed a request from Terry Shackleton to lease a 90-acre parcel of land – which had been submitted along with a 7-Year Lease Agreement. The request and Lease Agreement was approved.
Old Business included a suggestion that had been made by the Age Friendly Committee pertaining to various ways that volunteers in the community could be recognized.
Councilor Johnson advised Council that the Age Friendly Committee had decided that it would seek to nominate deserving volunteers for recognition through existing initiatives such as the Volunteer Recognition Awards.

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