New intersection options - Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways is conducting an online survey to ask stakeholders whether they prefer an interchange with Highway 1 going over Highway 56 at the existing intersection in Indian Head, or an interchange with Highway 56 going over Highway 1 at a new intersection to the west of town.

The Ministry of Highways is conducting another survey as part of its public engagement process for improving an interchange at Indian Head.
Local commuters and residents are well aware of the congestion often encountered at the intersection of Highways 1 and 56 on the south side of Indian Head. Economic development in the area has increased traffic, creating frequent safety hazards. Municipal leaders brought these concerns to the attention of the Ministry of Highways with the hope of improving the situation.
The Ministry began addressing concerns by commissioning a functional planning study of the intersection. The process commenced with a community survey in June 2022, intended to gain insight to alternative configurations for the interchange. Results from that survey indicated that safety was the most important consideration for stakeholders, followed by cost and benefit to area residents.
Based on its evaluation, the Ministry recommended that a diamond interchange be constructed west of the existing Highway 1 and 56 intersection. This option involves Highway 56 going up and over Highway 1, with traffic being re-routed back east to the existing Highway 56 using a new Service Road on the south or connections at Grand Avenue and Eden Street to the north. The existing Highway 1 and 56 intersection would be closed, along with Highway 1 access at a Grid Road to the west.
Public feedback to this recommendation was requested through a second survey in February 2023. After considering the results of that, the government is now asking stakeholders to review a new option.
This new design would still use a diamond interchange; however, it would be constructed at the existing intersection location and Highway 1 would go up and over Highway 56. A Service Road would be added to improve access on the south. Highway 1 medians at Grid Road intersections to the east and west of Highway 56 would be closed.
Both the new option and the previously recommended one would likely require traffic light installation. Both would also reduce potential conflict points on Highway 1 from 42 to four diverging or merging conflict points.
Stakeholders are encouraged to review the two proposed options and select their preference by October 31. Responses will be evaluated and a recommendation will be made, followed by additional public engagement and a final report.
The survey and related information can be accessed online at

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