RCMP Class of 1969-1970 - Members of RCMP Troop 12 from across Canada visited the Shelby Patton Memorial Park in Indian Head during the Class of 1969-1970 reunion (above). Below is the graduation photo for Troop 12, Class of 1969-1970.

Troop Class of 1969-1970

Members of RCMP Troop 12 held a reunion last week and it afforded them an opportunity to visit Indian Head and honour a fallen comrade.
The class of 1969-1970 held a reunion in Regina, Sept. 17 to 21, but on Sept. 19, 10 members from across Canada, along with seven spouses, visited the Shelby Patton Memorial Park to honour his sacrifice.
At the park they had a delicious picnic lunch catered by the Indian Head Bakery. When gathering for a group photo, the RCMP members had the good fortune to be joined by a group of school children, who happily took the pictures. The officers then asked the students to join them and their teacher took a large group photo. All was very coincidental and very special.
Megan McEwen, from the Town Office, joined the group a little later. Following the park visit, the group toured the RCMP Detachment, the Indian Head Museum and the Bell Barn. They ended the day with a meal at the Wooden Nickel Saloon. Participants said that the folks in Indian Head could not have been more welcoming and small-town hospitality made their day.

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