All Council members were present for the regular monthly meeting of Kipling Town Council which took place on Monday, December 12th.
In her report, Mayor Pat Jackson encouraged Council members to read through the Governance Report that has been released by SUMA. She noted that SUMA was encouraging feedback from members. As well, Mayor Jackson indicated that this report would be discussed further in January and at the 2023 SUMA Convention in Saskatoon.
Mayor Jackson also talked about the possibility of various members of Council taking on the role of Deputy Mayor for some period of time (rather than have one member remain in that position until the next election.)
Councillor Tyler Vargo indicated that he was willing to step aside if another Council member wished to assume the role of Deputy Mayor. Councillor Colby Sproat stated that he would be interested in assuming that role.
Mayor Jackson therefore appointed Councillor Colby Sproat as Deputy Mayor effective January 01, 2023.
As well, Mayor Jackson brought up the issue of housing in Kipling. She noted that – given the large projects taking place in the area surrounding the community – it would be wise to discuss the possibility that more housing may be required in Kipling.
Mayor Jackson also noted that she had recently visited a nearby community and saw that several different events were taking place in that community on the same weekend. She suggested that Kipling might benefit if Council members spent some time thinking about what sorts of activities might be “added to the really good things that are already taking place in our community.”
She then discussed the KIPLING group (consisting of Council members, along with representative from healthcare, the school, parent groups and the RCMP) that met to discuss the possibility of establishing a monthly Food Drive which would take place on the same day each month.
Mayor Jackson concluded her report by noting that the documentary connected with the movie Rust (which was filmed in Kipling) entitled: Journey of Faith was now available on Pureflix.
In the Leisure Services Report, it was noted that the Message Board in the Downtown Park would be erected soon and that the project was still proceeding on budget.
As well, the report indicated that new Disk Golf Course has been unofficially called the “Moose Mountain Disk Golf Course.” Council has the option of retaining that name or proposing a new one – and whatever name is chosen will be put on the new signs being put up at the park.
Councillor Don Johnson commented that Kipling had received a significant amount of attention after achieving Age Friendly Status. He indicated that the Age Friendly Committee hoped to build on that by encouraging decision makers in the community to view their options through that lens going forward.
A delegation from the Kipling & District Lions Club then addressed Council. The delegation spoke about the renovation to the Food Booth at the Kipling Ball Diamonds that the club wants to proceed with (which would include replacing all appliances and removing existing countertops in order to replace them with new stainless-steel tables.)
It was noted that the Lions Club has already purchased a large, excellent quality second-hand cooler that it intends to install in the booth. One member of the delegation also suggested that Council consider providing some sort of shelter which could be used by people tending the BBQ.
Another member of the delegation (Mike Warner) stated that the club’s goal was to complete a renovation that would make the booth a usable facility “for the next 20 years.”
The delegation requested that Council agree to this renovation and assist by providing removal and disposal of the old appliances and debris. It was also requested that Council look into having a security door installed.
In her report, CAO Gail Dakue raised several issues pertaining to the airport. She informed Council that an airport hanger which has been turned back to the Town was in disrepair and would need to be demolished.
Dakue also noted that the water line which is planned for the airport would likely be used by more than one Crop Spraying company – and might therefore be subject to different environmental regulations.
Mayor Jackson raised the possibility that a method might be found to separate Grey Water from the Water Treatment plant and offer it for sale to companies who may wish to use it.
Councillor Don Johnson also pointed out that it may be advisable for Council to establish regulations for use of the water line (such as stipulating that Crop Spraying Companies need to fill their tanks at night so that normal water use in the community is not impacted by their activity).
CAO Dakue then advised Council that additional paving needed to be done at the airport in order to permit larger planes to maneuver – and that a CAP Grant which would cover 50% of the cost for such a project might be available. Council requested that Dakue investigate to find out if this is the case.
Dakue also brought up the possibility of having decorative signs (with business names) which could be attached to the flower baskets set up Downtown each year. The signs could be made available for businesses to sponsor. Councillor James Gallagher noted that since the baskets were being installed anyway, offering the signs to businesses to sponsor as a means to offset the cost of the baskets – would make sense.
Councillor Don Johnson then gave a brief report on the Southeast Transportation Planning Committee’s (SETPC) call for projects. He noted that once projects were added to the list – they remained there until they were completed.
He also indicated that the resurfacing of the #48 highway from Kennedy to the junction of the #47 highway and shoulder repair to that same portion of the #48 highway were two of the projects that were currently on the list.
As well, Councillor Johnson pointed out that suggestions could be made to SETPC regarding shorter (5 km) segments of highway which needed to be repaired in order to be brought up to the same standard as the rest of the road.
Old Business included a discussion of the presentation from the Lions Club delegation which had addressed Council earlier in the evening. It was noted that very little was being asked of Council by the club. Dakue was asked to advise the delegation that Council had no issues with their proposal and would be willing to work with the club to bring the project to completion.
New Business included a request from Beukes Willemse to build a new hanger at the airport. A motion was also made to proceed with Sewer Line replacement at various locations within the Town.

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