Heart finds love - Rita Brown displays a quilted heart that her husband Terry found while the couple was visiting their hometown of Indian Head.

A simple gesture can add joy to someone’s day. This was the experience of Terry and Rita Brown when they visited Indian Head this past summer.
The couple celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on Aug. 29 with a trip to Indian Head. They live in Humboldt now but met 60 years ago while in Grade 8 at Indian Head School. During their visit this summer, they purchased breakfast at Tim Hortons and went to Veteran’s Park for an early morning picnic. When they finished eating and got up from the picnic table, Terry noticed something on the grass nearby. He picked it up and discovered a small Ziploc bag containing a quilted heart with a tag that read, “I Need a Home.”
“I was thrilled to have found this because Rita loves hearts (she has a huge collection) and to top it off, it was our anniversary!” Terry recalled. “Without hesitation, I gave the heart to Rita and said, ‘Here is my heart for you today!’ She was thrilled, too!”
Other residents have reported finding similar fabric treasures elsewhere in the community. It is part of an initiative called I Found a Quilted Heart (IFAQH) that started in the southwestern United States and has spread across the continent and abroad.
Several years ago, three sisters were hiking with their husbands in Nevada when one of the men found a small quilted heart bearing a tag with the words, “I Need a Home.” This inspired the sisters to start promoting similar, anonymous, and random acts of kindness.
The concept was simple: they sewed a four-inch heart from fabric scraps and left it somewhere outdoors for another individual to find and take home. It gained popularity through a website and social media as other people followed the sisters’ example and placed quilted hearts in their own communities. It has now spread far and wide, as individuals take a few moments for an act of kindness, sharing joy and encouragement with those who find the hearts.
“To whomever left this special quilted heart in the Indian Head park, ‘Thank you!’” the Browns said. “Finding this treasure made our day and now it is proudly displayed in our home!”

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