Emergency landing - A small plane carrying four people made an emergency landing on a grid road north of Kipling where it eventually skidded into a ditch. None of the people on board the plane were seriously injured in the incident.

Last week, the Kipling Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call involving a small aircraft.
In an interview with Grasslands News, Fire Chief Ken Nordal said, “A Mayday from a small aircraft located approximately three miles north of Kipling (on the Marsh Road) came in on Thursday at 4:42 pm. Several people who noticed the aircraft when it flew overhead indicated that it seemed to be ‘running rough’.
“The plane successfully landed on the road and then veered off into the ditch. Apparently, none of the four occupants (who were from Manitoba) were seriously injured during the incident.
“But a passerby who had noticed the plane landing was on scene and transported those individuals to the hospital.
“Our members arrived on scene and dealt with some minor damage to the plane in order to prevent fuel leakage.”
Nordal says that this is the second incident involving an aircraft that the Fire Department has responded to since he became a member.
“I can remember one other incident where a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing. The individuals in that case were injured, although none of those injuries were life threatening.
“In this case, the pilot should be commended for choosing a road and being able to land – without any casualties. That is a person that I’d want to have piloting a plane!”

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