Celebrating - The “Panther Family” (students, teachers and staff at Kennedy Langbank School) still has much to celebrate after two decades. Principal Denise Singleton says that the school provides its students with a “strong foundation” for their education.

A celebration marking the 20th Anniversary of Kennedy Langbank School was held at the school last Monday (June 20th).
The afternoon celebration featured a performance by the KLS Intermediate Band as well as a song from the Kindergarten class.
Following that, the crowd enjoyed a several student performances including: Three Little Pigs by the Grade 1-2 Class, Parodies From Arts Class by the Grade 3,4 & 5 Class and a song by the Grade 6 & 7 Class.
Among the speakers at the event was Terry Berglund (PVSD Board Member SD 6) who offered her personal recollections about the school’s opening two decades ago.
“At the time, the Elementary School was in Langbank while the High School was in Kennedy. With the announcement of the new K to 12 school there were some challenges.
“But the communities came together. The new school would be situated in Kennedy, and it would be named Kennedy Langbank School.”
She noted that the connections formed between two communities that had given rise to Kennedy Langbank School could be seen in the connections that families like her own have to the school.
“My oldest son Blake’s class was the last Graduating Class of Kennedy High School. One year later, our son Jarid’s class was the first Graduating Class of Kennedy Langbank School.
And today, Jarid and Brittany’s children attend Kennedy Langbank School.”
Berglund went on to thank SCC member Jill Lowe adding that, “I was at the School Community Council Meeting when she brought to the table that this was the 20th year for our school.”
Denise Singleton (Kennedy Langbank School Principal) pointed out that the school had seen considerable success over the years.
“We may have a small student body.
“But we have a strong Panther family.
“We have active volleyball, badminton, golf and track teams. And this year, for the first time in the history of Kennedy Langbank School, we have a competitive basketball team.
“Over the years, we have had the Lego club, board game club, quilting club, coding club and cooking club. We have raised over $32,000 for charities with our annual Wake-A-thon. And the names of Kennedy Langbank School students are frequently seen in the high school awards programs and honor rolls.
“We give our students a strong foundation in their learning.
“Not bad for a small rural school!”
In her message, Janet Kotylak (PVSD Board Chair) noted that in the original (June 12th 2000) News Release announcing that a new school would be built in Kennedy – it was estimated that the cost for the project would be $3 Million.
Kotylak compared this to a recent announcement from the current Education Minister indicating that a similar school will be built in Blaine Lake at an estimated cost of $14 Million.
“For those of you who like math – that’s an 367 per cent increase!”
Despite the changes that have occurred over the past 20 years however, Kotylak noted that (just as the news announcement of 20 years ago had proclaimed) Kennedy Langbank School students still have “much to celebrate”.
Kotylak ended her remarks with this, “My great hope is that these halls continue to echo with the love and excitement of learning for many years to come.”

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