In search of volunteers to help when disasters strike

The Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) for Indian Head has reconvened and is in need of volunteers.
The EMO is responsible for assisting with distribution of resources and direction of activities during an emergency in the community. Situations where the EMO might be activated include a train derailment or a major storm, such as a tornado or blizzard.
The committee met for the first time in many months on April 13. Their last meeting was in September 2020 but subsequent meetings were repeatedly rescheduled because of COVID-19 regulations.
The group welcomed Meagan McEwen as the new EMO Coordinator. McEwen also works as the Community Development Officer for the Town of Indian Head so municipal leaders feel her new role will help improve communication between the town and the EMO committee.
“Essentially the Emergency Measures Organization is a chain of communication, having a plan in place so that everybody knows who the leader is and who to talk to in certain situations, [ensuring] the flow of information is getting to the right people,” explained McEwen.
The committee meets quarterly but each member is responsible for maintaining a particular portfolio throughout the year. Other committee members include the town administrator, mayor, and representatives from the RCMP, Volunteer Fire Department, and Public Works Department. Community members are also part of the EMO and are assigned tasks such as coordinating transportation in the event of an evacuation or communicating with relief organizations. The committee is currently seeking two additional volunteers to serve as a Duty Officer and Medical Services Representative.
The committee is also seeking community input through a survey available on the town website and social media page during the month of May. The survey is intended to gauge what kind of information people are looking for and what level of preparedness they have taken for their families. Survey participants will be entered to win a 72-hour emergency kit.
In addition to the survey, residents can access resources such as tips, checklists, and emergency guides under the “Health & Emergency” tab on the town’s website.
If anyone has questions about EMO activities or is interested in joining the committee, they can contact the Town Office at 306-695-3344.

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