Vendors offer ideas for Christmas - Wawota’s Christmas Market saw an estimated 300 to 400 shoppers come through the doors and able to shop at the 23 vendors in attendance. The market had lots to choose from, including homemade baking, crafts, art and homebased business items. Proceeds of $420 from table rentals is going to the Wawota Daycare.

There are a significant number of Christmas shoppers in and around Wawota who have successfully purchased that ‘perfect gift’.
Their quest ended, not online, nor amid a crowd of like-minded consumers lined up in a major retail center.
Instead, these treasure-seekers found what they were looking for at the Wawota Christmas Market.
Tamra Birnie (one of the organizers of this year’s Christmas Market) says that the event was organized in order to allow both shoppers and vendors to take part in an annual tradition that some feared might not continue this year.
“There is usually a Flea Market held in Wawota in November. But this year the ladies who normally organize the Flea Market decided that they wouldn’t be doing it. So, Kathy Hamilton and I got together to organize this Christmas Market.”
Kathy Hamilton pointed out that both vendors and shoppers were pleased to be able to take part in the event, which benefited others in the community as well.
“We had 23 vendors here, with all of the money that was raised from renting the tables ($420) going to the Wawota Daycare.
“Those vendors were selling everything from homemade baking and crafts, to original paintings, to Tupperware and Pampered Chef products. That meant that the people who came out for the market had a lot of different items to look at or buy. So, the market really was a success in a number of different ways!
“People were also very happy to be able to come here and shop for gifts for others…or something for themselves! We were actually still setting up and people were already here wanting to come in and look around!”
Hamilton noted that the COVID regulations which were followed did not dampen the mood at the event or deter people from coming.
“We estimate that there were approximately 300 to 400 people who came through today. And while I did know a lot of the people who were here, there were a lot of faces that I didn’t recognize. There were people coming here from as far away as Redvers, Moosomin, Whitewood and even a couple of ladies from Estevan.”
And why not? People are needing to get out of the house. And it was a beautiful day today, a perfect day to get you Christmas shopping done!”

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