Harland Campbell Paice “Howie” was born June 16, 1947 in Whitewood. Howie, advisor, movie critic, ladies man, peanut butter lover died May 22, 2013.

Howie knew how to live. He plowed his own road. Whether it be taking the time to tell jokes, giving bear hugs that felt like you had a chiropractic adjustment and loving those he loved, and never being afraid to show it.

PaiceHe married the love of his life Trudy when he was 22. He maintained the romance for 43 years by leaving wild flowers on the table after she would go to bed, writing love notes on orange peels and believing she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, except for maybe Raquel Welch.

Howie’s pride in his family was great. He was a man of honesty, integrity, loyalty and hard work, qualities he passed on to Jason and Tammy. He taught his children to fix, fish and fight. He made sure they  knew self defense and taught them to box at five years old. Boxing was a sport he enjoyed in his younger days.

He continued to be surrounded by women; he was blessed with four granddaughters, Madison, Julia, Olivia and Heidi. He never got the chance to give them all the advice he had to pass on. It would have been the same he gave to Tammy and “the daughter he never had” Candace Varjassy … Be smart. Be strong. Be yourself. Be Kind, but don’t take ____ from anyone!

He had one grandson, Cohen. He wanted to teach him that some people use their problems as an excuse to not try. He would have wanted him to know that your struggles and adversities do not define you. They only make you stronger and more determined. He would have said fish more, treat women with care, and always love and respect your mom.

He spent many, many hours with James, his son in law, discussing the world, life and the perfect steak.

His dog Lacey was the other lady in his life, wherever he went, she wasn’t far away.

He took extreme pride in his work, be it farming or carpentry. He was so proud his love of wood working was passed to his son. He was proud of his brothers and never hesitated to tell people of all their accomplishments.

He loved gardening, especially growing his prize cabbages. He checked on them several times a day. He took pleasure in sharing them with the neighbours. He loved old country music, gangster movies, Tom Jones, visiting, fishing, hunting, teasing and laughing. His bright blue eyes twinkled when he heard a good joke!

He was fiercely loyal to family and friends, he became a surrogate Dad to many young people over the years. He had a gift to accept people for who they were. He said what was on his mind, you knew exactly where you stood with him, if you didn’t like it … tough. He hated phonies and the television show Holmes on Homes. He believed there was a special corner in hell for pineapple.

Cohen asked why Grandpa had to leave us so soon. Tammy told him when someone figures out everything, is kind, and strong at all they do –they are free to go. Cohen said Oh – so Heaven needed a superhero.

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