New Reeve - Al Trainor signed his Oath of Office on Oct. 27 to become the new Reeve for the RM of Edenwold No. 158 as the Chief Administrative Officer, Karen Zaharia witnesses. Al received 489 votes to win the by-election against Lisa Peters’ 280 votes.

Improved communication is a major priority for new RM of Edenwold Reeve Alain Trainor.
“I’m honoured the ratepayers have faith in me to take on the challenge of running the RM,” said Trainer.
The same issues came up consistently as the former councillor knocked on doors throughout the community.
“Two-way communication was the (issue) that was very evident,” Trainor said. “The other was they want transparency in their governance.”
Trainor defeated Lisa Peters 489 to 280 in a special by-election on Oct. 26th. He replaces Mitch Huber who submitted his resignation in June. Being retired will allow him to devote a lot of time to working on a communications strategy.
“Communication will be increasing the face-to-face contact with ratepayers through town hall and council meetings, more electronic media, and more print media,” said Trainor.
For Peters it was a rewarding process despite the disappointing result.
“I put together a plan in August,” said Peters. “I met with a lot of great people in our community. A lot of farmers. I wished I would have won. I put my best out there. I did my best, I did it with integrity, and I’m really proud of my friends I surrounded myself and the people I’ve met. It was an amazing experience.”
Trainor and Peters had to step down from their roles as councillors for Divisions 1 and 3 to run in the by-election for Reeve. Nominations for another by-election to fill those positions were due by Nov. 1st and Peters plans to win back her seat.
“My biggest concern is that the council has no full-time working farmer,” said Peters. “The rural vote could get forgotten. I did put my nomination papers in and I want to go back on council. I don’t really have the support of council. I don’t think they want the changes I want to see.”
Peters believes the RM has a great staff and council should be in a governance model that allows those staff to do their jobs. If she returns to council in the next by-election she plans to keep pushing for more conversations.
“Mitch always used to say to me ‘she asks so many questions’ because I do! I have been involved in politics for a few years. I have connections and I felt like this is somewhere I can make a difference,” said Peters.
One of the big issues Trainor discussed on the campaign trail is the proposed compost facility northwest of Pilot Butte.
“I’m completely opposed to the location,” he reiterated. “It’s a decision for council to make so we have control over that.”
That doesn’t mean what the Reeve wants the Reeve will get.
“The Reeve only has one vote, same as every councillor. My leadership style is communicative and cooperative. You’re not trying to be overbearing and single minded. Through the campaign I’ve had great support from council, and I hope that will continue,” said Trainor.
Trainor becomes Reeve after serving on council over the recent term and also during a stretch of the early 90s.

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