Five different categories

They give of their time and energy without expecting any sort of reward.
However, residents of Kipling and area can nominate those who make that commitment to our community for the Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards.
Gail Dakue (Town of Kipling CAO) says that the Volunteer Recognition Awards are given in order to recognize the contribution that volunteers make to Kipling and area.
“We developed these awards several years ago, so that we could ‘give back’ to our volunteers a little and honor the role that they play in making our community what it is.”
Dakue explains that Volunteer Recognition Awards are given out in five different categories.
“The Recreation and Sport award is given to an individual who has shown exemplary community services in recreation and sport.
“An individual who has contributed to the overall cultural identity of our community – through heritage conservation, the arts and or multiculturalism – is recognized by the Culture and Heritage Award.
“The Community Involvement Award may be given to an individual or a group. This award recognizes community involvement and development. It’s given to those who exhibit strong community spirit, pride and have enhanced the community through their volunteer actions.
“We also want to recognize the young people in our community who choose to volunteer. The Youth Award is presented to a young volunteer who has demonstrated leadership qualities in one or more of the listed categories. (recreation & sport, culture & heritage, community involvement).
“At the same time, we want to recognize the significant amount of work that our seniors have done in our community. The senior award is presented to a senior (55-years & older), who is involved in their community or district and active in local organizations or committees.”
She notes that the volunteers who receive these awards are chosen by the community itself.
“There is an option for a “Mayor’s Choice” award. For example, in 2014 the Mayor’s Choice Award was given to Darcy and Linda Campbell. That couple had been tremendously helpful volunteering with both the Swimming Pool and the Community Centre, and the mayor wanted to recognize their spirit and effort.
“Otherwise, Council is not involved in selecting the winners of these awards. The Nomination Committee that makes those decisions is comprised of 1 Lions Club member, 1 individual from Leisure Services and three members at large from the community.”
Dakue adds that those who might have nominated deserving volunteers in the past (who did not receive the award) are encouraged to nominate those individuals again.
“There is only one award given out in each category every year. However, we generally have several individuals nominated in each category.
“Each of the individuals nominated are equally deserving. But the Committee has to choose one winner in each category. So, we would encourage people to nominate those volunteers again.”
Dakue says that along with honouring these individuals, the Volunteer Recognition Awards also bring attention to the vital role that volunteers play in the community.
“Volunteers are tremendously important,” says Dakue. “Communities like ours really depend on them. By giving of their time and energy, volunteers make so many things possible.”
She notes that those who receive the award are frequently surprised to have been chosen.
“So often, the people who are presented with one of these awards are humbled and happy to receive that recognition. It really is wonderful to be able to honour them in this way!”
The Nomination Forms for the Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards can be picked up at the Town of Kipling Office or found on its website.

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