In Memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II - Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Kipling Branch #6 along with RCMP members gathered at the cenotaph in Kipling on Monday at 11 am for a brief Memorial Service in honour of the late Queen.

Members of the Royal Canadian Legion Kipling Branch #6 and the RCMP held a brief Memorial Service to honour HM Queen Elizabeth II at the cenotaph in Kipling on Monday morning (Sept. 19).
“We received a letter from Provincial Command the day after the Queen passed away,” says Bob Steil (Kipling Royal Canadian Legion Branch #6). “That letter informed us that all active Legions could choose to hold a service today if the wished. So, we decided that we would.”
After the service, Legion members and some of those attending the service met briefly at the Legion Hall.
Legion Member Gloria Ovans talked about having an interest in the Royal Family from a young age.
“I was born in 1943 and I’ve been collecting memorabilia about the Royal Family since I was a little girl – when King George VI was still on the throne. I’ve always had a special interest in the Queen.”
Legion Member Terry Ovans also shared his memory of seeing the Queen during a visit she made to Saskatchewan with her parents.
“She came on the train to Broadview with her parents back in 1939. I was about five years old at the time, and I remember going to see them in the old Model T that we had. It was a very hot day, and the family came out onto the back of the train. They waved at the people that were there. And I kind of thought that they were admiring the gophers that were on the track!
So, I got to see the Queen when she was still ‘Princess Elizabeth’.”

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