Resettled to Wolseley - Olha and her husband Mingley and their four boys, who fled Ukraine a few months ago, arrived in Wolseley last week where friends are helping them get settled.

Yuliya Denhub was relieved to see her friend Olha, her husband Mingley, and their boys when they arrived last week. After fleeing Ukraine, the family began preparing in April to move to Saskatchewan. Yuliya and her husband Andrii live on a farm near Wolseley and were eager to provide a safe place for their friends. It took some time for them to obtain the necessary visas and other paperwork, but Mingley and Olha succeeded and were given free flights to Toronto on June 28. Connecting flights were arranged and the Denhubs picked them up at the airport last Wednesday.
“The situation in Ukraine became worse but I’m happy they were able to make this trip,” Yuliya said.
Mingley and Olha will stay with their boys in a camper at Yuliya and Andrii’s farm for the summer. A house has been provided for the family to use later in Wolseley so the older boys, Alexander and Arsenii, can attend school with the Denhub’s children. The parents are still looking for employment and a car or van. They would also like a double stroller for their two-year-old twins, Maxim and Pavlo. Because of the urgency of their escape from Ukraine, the family was unable to bring much luggage and will need clothing and household items as well.
The Gallery is hosting an art raffle and a luncheon was held in Wolseley last week to raise funds to help the family. Anyone who wishes to assist with monetary or other donations can contact Yuliya Denhub via Facebook messenger.

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