Home winner - Hospitals of Regina Foundation CEO Dino Sophocleous (right) presented Doreen Willerth (left) from Indian Head with keys to the Spring Home Lottery grand prize showhome.

Doreen Willerth was on the deck of her condo in Indian Head, planting flowers, when a neighbour came running down the lane yelling, “Doreen! Doreen, you won!” Soon other friends from the condo building looked for her; then her cell phone and landline both started ringing. The excitement was the result of Willerth’s winning the grand prize for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation spring lottery, which included a $1.4 million show home in Regina and $30,000 cash.
The retired teacher has entered the hospital lottery for many years but never expected to win anything, especially not the grand prize. She views her ticket purchase simply as a donation to the hospital because it provides such an important service. Willerth’s husband Jerry, who passed away two years ago, suffered from hemophilia and kidney failure so he visited the hospital often for dialysis and other treatments.
“We all need a hospital at one time in our lives and they always need support to get new machinery,” she explained. “Also my husband, was in the hospital a lot in Regina and we had gone through a lot there; I really appreciate that the hospital is available.”
Although she was excited to receive the lottery grand prize, Willerth immediately knew that she would share her winnings. She plans to keep the show home for a few weeks so that her relatives can see it but will list the house for sale in July. She intends to share the proceeds with her four children and nine grandchildren, some of whom are still in school and some have young families.
“I don’t really need anything and I know that it will be helpful to all of them to get some money and pay for debts,” she said.
Willerth also plans to donate some of her winnings to the Bell Barn and other local charities. The historic barn has particular importance for her since her husband was instrumental in its restoration. Jerry volunteered many hours of his retirement years to help with various aspects of its restoration and eventual operation as a historical and tourist site.
“The Bell Barn has been a big part of our lives; Jerry was involved from the very beginning when they called the meeting in town to discuss saving the Bell Barn,” Willerth stated. “They called him the ‘Barn Boss’ because he was involved in every aspect of it, giving tours, meeting with architects and engineers, being there when they had to bring more stones. Every single part of the building he was involved in. It was very, very close to his heart; he really loved doing it.”
Willerth said she is still working through all the paperwork associated with winning the show home but is looking forward to giving away the prize to family and organizations near to her heart.
“I’m glad to be able to share and very excited to be able to write all those cheques,” she said. “I’m really happy to be able to write them out and give it all away while I’m alive – I’m very fortunate.”

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