Best Ensemble - The Indian Head High School drama club was awarded Best Ensemble for their performance of The Yellow Boat at the Saskatchewan Drama Association’s provincial festival.

Students from Indian Head High School (IHHS) participated in the Saskatchewan Drama Association Provincial Festival last weekend and received several awards for their performance of The Yellow Boat.
The students first performed the one-act play for family and friends in March. The script was written by David Saar and based on the short life of his son Benjamin. The IHHS students portrayed the Father (Declan Heslip) and Mother’s (Bridget Stiglitz) sadness as they learned that Benjamin (Kaden Royer) had congenital hemophilia and later contracted AIDS through a contaminated blood transfusion. In the play, Benjamin used colors and his love for drawing to describe what he saw and felt. The audience was moved to tears as the boy lost his fight for life and told his parents that he would sail his yellow boat one last time, alone.
Adjudicators at the regional competition in early April were similarly impressed by the students’ performance, bestowing several awards and certificates on the group. This earned them an opportunity to attend the provincial competition at the Riddell Centre Theatre, May 5 to 7.
In the weeks between the regional and provincial competitions, the group incorporated changes and additional cues based on recommendations from the regional adjudicators. The students were allowed to share their suggestions for these changes and spent many hours practicing for the final performance. Their efforts were rewarded with a standing ovation.
“We got lots of support from the crowd and a few people mentioned that it was our best performance to date,” Kaden Royer commented after the show.
Other cast members agreed. “The performance was the best it could’ve ever been! We worked very hard and it turned out very well!” said Emily McKay, who played a nurse named Joy.
The group received the Best Ensemble Award for their performance at the provincial festival. Several individuals were also recognized, including Caitlyn Storry, Runner-Up Best Stage Manager; Kaden Royer, University of Saskatchewan Acting Award; and Declan Heslip, Debbie Baker Cheer Award. Technical crew members also received Certificates of Merit: Victoria Stewart, Props; Ronan Heslip, Sound; and Brady Smith, Lighting.

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