New business - Nathan Laxdal works to install winter tires for a customer at his current location. Laxdal plans to be operating Farm and Family Tire Shop in its new permanent location in Kipling by this summer.

Whether you are going to work in your car, in your tractor trying to get that last bit of fieldwork done, or driving a semi loaded with crucial supplies, you depend on your tires.
Nathan Laxdal wants to help you be certain that those tires are something that you can depend on.
Laxdal says that he has spent the past two decades learning how to ‘keep those wheels rolling’.
“I grew up on a farm near Bredenbury and started working in my uncle’s shop in town when I was 16. After that, I worked at Canadian Tire in Yorkton for a couple of years. Then I went over to Quality Tire and started working on heavier vehicles, tractors and other agriculture equipment as well as big trucks.
“But when I moved out to B.C. about 10 years ago, I got the chance to work on some really big vehicles. I was working at the Teck – Elkview mine near Sparwood, B.C., doing tires on some massive equipment. They have the famous green ‘Biggest Truck in the World’ there. It was routine to change tires that were 13 feet tall!
“So, I’ve spent 20 years learning to work on a broad spectrum of vehicles.”
In 2017, Laxdal says that he and his wife decided to come back to Saskatchewan and moved into the Kipling area.
“Danielle and I got married the same year that we moved out here. Her mom was living here at that time. We decided that if we were going to start a family, we wanted to be close to family. So, we moved out here, put down some roots and started growing!”
As the couple settled into their new community, Laxdal says that he began working toward a goal that he had set for himself years earlier.
“When we moved here, we got my wife’s salon (Studio D Hair & Nails) going first. And I started working at Nutrien.
“But when I left the mine, I’d said that the next time I was working on tires, I’d be doing it for myself. So, when I started with Nutrien, I began putting money away so that I could open my own tire shop.”
Earlier this year, Laxdal moved ahead with his plan to open his business.
However, he notes that his new shop began as more of a ‘mobile operation’ than he had envisioned.
“I officially opened the Farm & Family Tire Shop this past May.
“I started out doing a lot of on-farm service calls. Then in July we moved to our new acreage. So, my tire shop moved out there. I was running my tire machine outside and using a little trailer with a compressor on it for service calls.
“In October, I had the chance to rent a shop in Kipling. I was also very fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase a bigger service truck, thanks to Rick Roth!
“But two days after I moved into that shop, it was sold! So, I needed a new location. That’s when Alan Batters and the crew at Gee Bee kindly allowed me to rent the building that I’m in right now.”
Despite having to relocate several times, Laxdal says that his new business has enjoyed impressive success.
“Honestly, it has been amazing! I met a lot of the farmers in this area when I was working for Nutrien. They saw how I work and they’ve been calling me out to do the tires on tractors, combines, you name it.
“I enjoy doing service calls. I’m a farm boy after all. I like working out in the field. And an average-sized farm these days can have over 190 tires in use at the same time. That means you don’t need a lot of customers to be busy!
“I’ve also been working on a lot of semis. And the winter tire rush has been happening too. So, I’ve had more than enough work to keep me going!”
This spring, Laxdal hopes to move the Farm & Family Tire Shop once more, into its’ own location.
“Putting up my own building is the end goal. I’m hoping to be in my own shop by May or June (weather permitting). I want it to be a nice, bright red shop, that you can’t miss. It’ll be great when I get the shop built. I’m getting a little tired of moving!”
Although the road he has taken toward achieving his goal has taken some turns, Laxdal says he is optimistic about what lies ahead.
“It’s really my dream to have my own business. There’s been some ups and downs. But it’s also been amazing how different doors have just, opened!
“I’m determined to run a good business. I might not always be able to offer the cheapest prices, like some of the big chains do. I have some great suppliers that treat me really well. But I don’t deal in enough quantity (as of yet) to be able to be cheap. But if I can get something in at a good price, I’ll give my customer a good price too.
“And for me, it’s more important to give good service. Tire selection and know-how is crucial. I act as thought every vehicle is carrying my wife and little girl. Everything is cleaned and inspected properly. So, when somebody brings a vehicle to Farm & Family Tire, I want them to know that the work that I do for them is done right!”

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