Fundraiser held - Lucas (top left) and his brother Kaden (top right) lost their mother Adrienne Hambleton (bottom) in an accident recently.

Fundraiser held after single mom Adrienna Hambleton killed in accident Windthorst

It can be so easy to take our ordinary moments for granted.
For example, we might become so accustomed to seeing a certain person each time we walk through a particular door, that we begin to assume this certain person will always be there.
If we walk through that door and suddenly find that certain person is gone, the shock can leave an aching empty space in the life of an individual, or an entire community.
When that happens, we are left with the task of finding something that can soften the edges of that empty space, and permit healing to begin.
Such a loss cut into the community of Windthorst and area recently, with the death of Adrienne Hambleton.
The young single mother was killed in a tragic accident, leaving behind her two sons Kaden (13) and Lucas (11).
On October 25th members of that community came together to honor Adrienne, and show their support for Kaden and Lucas, at a fundraiser held at Norm’s Place in Windthorst.
Andrew Farnham (owner of Norm’s Place) said that a large number of people came out for the private event, which was held to raise money for a trust fund that has been set up for the two boys.
“Adrienne worked here for almost 10 years” Farnham says. “After we lost her, people were already coming here to talk and share their memories of her. So, it just made sense that this fundraiser should happen at Norm’s Place.
We sold 140 tickets for the event. But there were other people that came through just to leave a donation. So altogether, there were approximately 200 people that came out for the fundraiser. We raised $6,000 that afternoon. It really was an overwhelming outpouring of support and concern for her boys.”
Farnham adds that several of Adrienne’s friends organized a special tribute to her, that became a unique part of the event.
“There’s a group of ladies that Adrienne always rode horseback with. Those ladies, along with other friends of Adrienne’s, got together and rode their horses into town in her honor. It was tremendous way to remember her!”
He goes on to say that the response the Windthorst community has had to this tragedy offers evidence of its’ compassionate and generous character.
“I haven’t been in Windthorst very long. But in the short time that I’ve owned Norm’s Place, I’ve been amazed at how wonderful this community is. The support that people have shown for Adrienne’s boys has helped me to cope with her loss too. What I saw happening here that day was very powerful. Considering everything that’s going on in the world right now, seeing a community come together that way really gives you some hope.”
Adrienne’s cousin Keree Smalley (who established the Trust Fund for Kaden and Lucas) says that Adrienne’s family and friends have rallied around the two boys since their mother’s death.
“Both of the boys just celebrated their birthdays in the past few days” she explains. “Having to celebrate their birthdays without their mom was so hard. But the rest of their family and their friends all got together, and did everything they could to make those days as happy, as much of a celebration, as they possibly could.
She says that the Trust Fund was established to provide the boys with a “cushion” in the future.
“There is no amount of money that is ever going to make up for the loss of their mom. But my hope is that this money can be there for them in the future. Maybe it can help pay for something that they need in the next few years. Maybe it can help pay for university. But whatever the need is, this money can be there to help cover it as they grow up.”
Smalley says that an online auction has also been organized, to allow more people to contribute to the Trust Fund should they wish to do so.
“We’re busy putting together the online auction right now. All of the money raised by that will also go into the Trust Fund.
We will be accepting donations until Nov. 12th. Bidding will start on Nov. 15th at 6 p.m. and continue until Nov. 22nd at 6 p.m.
We’ve already received an amazing number of really wonderful donations, everything from square bales, to signed sports jerseys, to welding services and artwork. The people and businesses in this community have just been amazing!
Smalley says that she believes Adrienne would be both amazed and comforted if she could see the support that her community is pouring out for her sons.
“If she could see this, I can just imagine her shining down on us and saying, ‘Wow! Now I know that my boys are going to be looked after.”

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