Lip dub organizing committee - Melville Comprehensive School organizing committee prepares for their 10th annual collaboration which will also include a tribute to the first lip dub produced by MCS. The group is comprised of Kylie Severson and Maj Samboa (seated), standing, from left, are, Jenna-Marie Kresowaty (holding speakers), Marie Stilborn, Jaden Croswell, Ryan Campbell, Kelsey Shiels, Anteneh Miller, Steven Klus, Don Coleman, Laura Glasser and Olivia Wihak.

Melville Comprehensive School (MCS) will be launching their 10th annual lip dub music video this year. It will include a special tribute to the start of the tradition a decade ago. “I was teaching the communication media class and just always looking for different ideas. I saw one of these videos on the internet and […]

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