A Long-Awaited Moment - Mayor Pat Jackson is joined by Dr Robert Kitchen (MP Souris – Moose Mountain) (L) and Steven Bonk (MLA Moosomin) (R) as she cuts the ribbon at the Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant held last Friday – marking the successful completion of what she says was a “long but very worthwhile project”

The Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant which took place in Kipling last Friday, Sept. 16, marked the successful completion of a project that has been ongoing for several years.
Mayor Pat Jackson says that the “process to renew the plant” began several years ago.
“Previously, Kipling was using surface water as its water source (which is prone to quantity and quality issues). We decided that we would change to using well water as our water source.
“In the late 80’s, the Council of the day had drilled a well to use as back-up to the surface water. But the water from that well was very hard. And we discovered that the process required to treat well water is very different from what is done to treat surface water.
“So, an addition had to be built onto the Water Treatment Plant that could house the equipment needed for this new process. Along with building the addition, we also drilled another well that is now our primary water source. The old well will continue to serve as our back-up source.
“Our Water Treatment Plant now uses a biological pre-treatment system followed by Reverse Osmosis. This means that our water now exceeds all provincial standards.”
Jackson notes that both the federal and provincial government worked with the Town to bring this project to completion.
“The cost for this project was close to $6 million with the federal and provincial governments contributing 75 per cent of the necessary funding. The Town of Kipling paid the remaining 25 per cent of the cost.”
In her remarks to the crowd on Friday, Jackson noted that the Grand Opening provided an opportunity to celebrate the project’s completion and say “Thank-you” to those that had partnered with the community in its efforts.
“There are some that have asked me why we went ahead with this Grand Opening celebration, even though the plant has been in operation for some time. But the COVID pandemic made a mess of so many things. It’s important for our community to take the time now – to celebrate achievements like this.
“It’s also important to say “Thank-you” to the other levels of government that provided much of the funding for this. Thank you as well to Bob Berry (KGS Engineering Group). Without Bob, the project quite literally could not have been built.
“We owe thanks also to Stefan Laplante (Colliers Project Leaders) who made sure that all of the “day-to-day” things happened the way that they were supposed to.
“I also want to express my thanks to our staff, who put so much effort into keeping this project on track. And I believe that former Mayor Buck Bright and the members of that Council also deserve credit for their contribution to this.”
Steven Bonk (MLA Moosomin) noted that this project demonstrated how communities like Kipling chose to focus their energy and resources on the things that matter most.
“I know that this project means a lot to Kipling. Communities like Kipling have the good common sense to understand that it’s those things that make a town work that are most important.
“Our government was pleased to be able to come on board and help to make this happen. And we would be pleased to offer our assistance again if another project like this should arise.”
Dr. Robert Kitchen (MP – Souris-Moose Mountain) observed that the determination and foresight that the Town demonstrated through its commitment to this project would mean that it was well equipped to deal with changes that might come in the future.
“It is so important that a community like Kipling have infrastructure like this in place. But a project like this presents a huge challenge. It can cost a lot of money. And when approaching something like this, it’s important to bear in mind that requirements can change. So, Council needed to ensure that this upgrade would enable the community to meet requirements, even if those requirements changed.
“Kipling had the diligence and determination to do that hard work, and this community deserves to be proud of this new facility.”

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