Raising a glass - Mayor Pat Jackson will be on hand, along with the members of Kipling Town Council, to welcome residents to a celebration marking the Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant in Kipling on Sept. 16.

The decision to upgrade Kipling’s Water Treatment Plant was made to address more than one issue. As Town of Kipling CAO Gail Dakue explains, “Council chose to upgrade the facility because there were provincial guidelines that we needed to meet. Residents also had concerns about the aesthetic quality of the water. Prior to the upgrade, our water didn’t smell or taste very appealing.
“As well, Council wanted upgrades that would increase our water capacity to sustain future growth plans. Because the source had previously been surface water – our capacity was limited, affected by run-off and evaporation. With well water, we would have more capacity and it would give the community a more sustainable water source.
“During the 1990s, the Council at that time had a well dug. But the water was very hard. And at that time, the technology to treat that water wasn’t yet available.
“So, when the opportunity arose to have an upgrade done that would address all of these issues, Council chose to move forward with the project.
“Most of the funding for the $4.46 million project came from the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund which the Town received. The Town’s portion of the cost totaled $1.1 million, and the project took approximately one year to complete.”
She notes that the project included upgrades to the Water Treatment Plant and the construction of a second well.
“The upgrades done to the existing Water Treatment Plant included building an addition onto it and adding a large underground reservoir.
“The existing well was revitalized to allow it to be used as a ‘back-up’. Then a second well was drilled beside the first, which is our main water source.”
Dakue says that the Grand Opening for the facility was delayed because of COVID restrictions. With those restrictions gone, Council felt it was a good idea to hold the Grand Opening now.
“We had planned to have the Grand Opening in 2020. But of course, that wasn’t possible. Council felt that it was important that we still have a Grand Opening for the Water Treatment Plant.
Because so many things were lost during the pandemic restrictions, Council felt that it was important for the community to come together now and celebrate things like this.
“We are inviting residents to stop by for the Grand Opening of the Water Treatment Plant from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 16. The Ribbon Cutting will take place at 2 p.m. And we welcome people to come and enjoy some coffee and cake and have a look around.”

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