Diving into some fun - For the past three decades, the Kipling and District Swimming Pool has been a place where residents and visitors can learn to swim - get some exercise – or simply cool off and have some fun in the water.

For three decades, the Kipling & District Swimming Pool has provided both residents and visitors with a ‘cool’ place where they can relax and joy our all too brief prairie summers.
Susan Hengen (Leisure Services Manager) says that the Swimming Pool is well used by both local residents and individuals who travel to Kipling from other communities to use the facility.
“The number of people taking Swimming Lessons here in Kipling has increased over the years. Last year in particular, we saw a significant increase, in part because we were one of the only pools that was open in this area.
“This year, those other pools are open as well. But we still have a substantial number of people from Kipling and surrounding communities signing up for Swimming Lessons.
“We’re quite fortunate that we have a good number of instructors. So, we can offer a lot of options for people wanting to take Swimming Lessons. As well, our instructors can provide Adult Swimming Lessons and Stroke Improvement Lessons if people request it.
“We also offer ample time for public swimming. People have the opportunity to take part in lane swimming twice during the week and between 12 to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. And Aquafit (which is offered every day at 5:30 p.m. and during noon hour when possible) is still very well attended.”
Joanne O’ Sullivan has served on the Board for the Swimming Pool and been involved with the facility since it was built. She says that the pool has been “a huge benefit” for the community.
“The Swimming Pool was a Godsend for Kipling! It’s enabled kids to take Swimming Lessons, get their Red Cross certification and learn how to safely enjoy the water.
“But it’s also been a great thing for people of all ages. The hot tub is something that anybody can enjoy. We’re also very lucky that we have a program like Aquafit available too. You can be in your 80’s and still take part in Aquafit. And the Pool Staff goes out of its way to make sure that Aquafit is available as often as possible.”
O’ Sullivan adds that throughout its history, dedicated volunteers worked to raise the funds necessary for maintenance and improvements to the pool.
“There was a group of us that did volunteer fundraising for the pool for years. We catered a variety of different events and all of the money that we raised went to the swimming pool. Catering those events involved a lot of hard work. But we had a great group of people, so it was really a lot of fun!”
Hengen says that the volunteer spirit that has been such an integral part of building and maintaining the pool has continued to bring the community together to support the facility.
“The Kipling and District Swimming Pool was built by volunteers and volunteers also managed the pool until 2009 when the Town took over that role. Volunteers and the community spirit that motives them is still essential to fundraising for necessary maintenance and upgrades.
“For example, we are upgrading the diving board at the pool. We had hoped to have the new board in place this season. But supply chain problems mean that it will not arrive in time for that to take place. Nevertheless, the Lions Club (a volunteer organization) contributed much of the funding for that.
“As well, our most recent ‘Flocking” Fundraising effort is very popular, which shows that this community is still very willing to support the Swimming Pool.”

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