Kipling Town Council held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2023 with all members present.
In her report, Mayor Pat Jackson noted that there had been a number of comments made about the community during the Regional SUMA meeting which took place in Kipling in October. She also touched on the issue of the amalgamation of RCMP services with Moosomin, noting that this measure was expected to be temporary, due to staff shortages in Moosomin.
Mayor Jackson also observed that attendance at the local Remembrance Day Services had been far less than in other years and suggested that “perhaps we all need to think more closely about what the day is meant to be, since out of the over 500,000 minutes that we have in a year, we are only asked to give two minutes to be silent and remember our veterans.”
During discussion of the Town Foreman’s Report, it was noted that while some work has been done to mitigate concerns over drainage issues in the Arena parking lot, not all of the work has been completed. CAO Gail Dakue noted that there were discussions taking place with the contractor (Gee Bee) as to how that work might be completed in the spring.
Council then reviewed the Leisure Services Report. It was noted that it is hoped that there will be an online process for booking campground sites ready for the coming season. CAO Dakue also indicated that the Town intends to have an online process for Swimming Lesson Registration and other programming in the future.
In her report, CAO Dakue indicated that except for one heater that was yet to be installed, work on Phase Two of the Arena Project was complete. Mayor Jackson commented that given the increase in construction costs, the Town had managed to see this project completed within an acceptable cost range.
Council also observed that the $50,000 grant received from the Richardson Foundation had greatly assisted in this. A sign noting the contribution made by the Richardson Foundation will be put in place at the Arena. Contributions from partners, the R. of Kingsley and the RM of Hazelwood also assisted in completing the construction within an acceptable cost range for the Town.
As well, Dakue pointed out that repairs to the Town Shop, stemming from the Insurance Claim made after last year’s windstorm, were being completed by Town staff.
The CAO Report also touched on several points arising from October’s SUMA Regional Meeting that was hosted in Kipling.
During the discussion which followed, Mayor Jackson indicated that there had been some discussion during the SUMA meeting about the program which might replace the Investing in Canada Infrastructure (ICIP) Program (which has now ended). It had been suggested during the SUMA meeting that any new program might well have two ‘streams’. This would mean that municipalities would apply under one stream for funding for ‘core’ projects while another stream would provide funding for ‘quality of life’ projects.
Therefore, Mayor Jackson suggested that a list should be created outlining the projects which Council members would like to see completed in 2024 and beyond. That would enable the Town to have all required engineering for these projects in place and ensure that applications for funding could be made within the limited window of opportunity that would likely be provided under any new program.
Council then made their annual appointments to Council Committees, Public Committees, the Board of Revision and The Appeals Board. This included the appointment of Lyndon Dayman to the position of EMO Coordinator.
Councillor Don Johnson provided a report from the last Southeast Transportation Committee (SETPC) Meeting. Johnson stated that one of the prime concerns raised during that meeting was the condition of Highway #47 between Ocean Man First Nation and Grenfell.
He explained that the road was too wide for a good crown to be easily maintained. However, he went on to note that this portion of roadway would not likely be paved as traffic on it was less than half of the traffic seen on Grid #709.
Johnson indicated that Gord Haines (District Operations Manager) is expected to attend the next SETPC meeting to discuss what the province intends to do about that roadway.
Council then voted to accept several recommendations which had been made by the Utility Committee after its October meeting. These included a recommendation to keep the price charged for water at the Airport at the current level and to request a proposal from the KGS Group for engineering services for upgrades to the Lift Station and Raw Water Line replacement.
Recommendations from the Utility Committee that the Town included plans to inspect sewer lines in the Downtown Core and undertake repairs to fix the shed at the well site in the upcoming Budget were also accepted.
Old Business included the passage of Bylaw 5-2023 which will see the Town of Kipling enter into a Mutual Aid Agreement with the Town of Whitewood.
Under New Business, Council passed Bylaw 6-2023, which repeals three older bylaws that had become outdated. As well, it was noted that the Town’s Registration of its Red Paperclip Trademark is up for renewal. It was decided that the Town will renew that registration.
As is the case each year, Council decided that the Cost-of-Living amount paid to Town of Kipling Employees would once again reflect the Consumer Price Index and will this year be set at 3.5 per cent.
A Development Application for a Side Yard Variance was approved. However, a request for a donation to the Senior Boys’ Volleyball Conference Playoffs that had been hosted in Kipling on Nov. 11th was not approved.
Council then decided that the Tax Enforcement Process currently underway in relation to a property in Kipling will proceed to the next level. As well, Council decided to go ahead with repairs to the pump at the West Lift Station, with the funds needed for the repairs to be drawn from the Utility Reserve.

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