I, Larry Dale Kirsch passed away Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021. I died in my home in Rocky Mountain House, AB. I had the joy of spending my final days with my family by my side and my puppies curled up in my bed. I’ve had a full life, I wished it was longer, but it was full.
I was born the youngest of four kids, June 17, 1953. Dad George (deceased) and Mom Theresa (deceased) had to wait nearly a decade for me to arrive but I finally found my way. My siblings, Joe (deceased), Bob, and Jeannette were well into their lives when I showed up, but they found ways to make me part of the family, it was very helpful to have a small person around to hide the shine in the crawl space under the kitchen you know.
Throughout life I worked and volunteered, but that’s not important now. It’s the people I met along the way. I could stop in any small town in Saskatchewan and remember someone I met during my life and likely find someone who remembered me. I had a way with people, I believed the community around me was my extended family and I treated them that way. It wasn’t the work, it was them.
I learned to play the saxophone at a young age and music was a huge part of my life. I played for years in a band traveling to so many rural community halls playing the music of my parents. Music was how I found my wife Terry (deceased). She was working at one of my regular halls and it was love at first sight. We made a life. We had three great kids, Derek, Tyler and Bernadette. When we lost Terry in 1993, our family grieved and changed, but we remained a family and were able to open our hearts to more. Love does strike twice, and I married and made a life with Donna. She brought three more kids to our family, Cathy-Lee, Amanda and Brittany. Being an almost Brady Bunch it felt like we needed more, and we added Bernardo our Mexican brother to the family. I thought our family was full then, but it got bigger. The kids had kids and I’m survived by 18 grandchildren. 18! My life is FULL.
Family is everything. Throughout my life my family has changed and grown. I lost touch with some and stayed close with others. There are too many to name waiting for me on the other side and so many more still here that have their memories of me. As I say goodbye, I know my life was full.
West View Funeral Services, Olds, entrusted with arrangements. 403-556-6576.

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